What we do:

Back Porch Software specializes in low cost, easy to implement, customizable VoIP based IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone systems.  Using our hosted solution provides many benefits over traditional in-house IVR systems.

With our solutions you get:

  • No hardware infrastructure costs
  • State of the art outbound dialing system
  • Accurate right party identification
  • Unlimited capacity for both inbound an outbound calls
  • Pay for what you use billing structure
  • No development costs.  We build your customized IVR for you.

We have helped companies all over the country improve call center productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Tired of your old phone system?

If you are like many other companies out there, the costs of expensive outbound dialers as well as the monthly and yearly maintenance associated with them is cutting into your bottom line.  Why not let someone else do all the hard work for you?  Check out our hosted IVR solutions here.